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Made A/B testing accessible to anyone

Juggler is designed and implemented to be an intuitive and simple tool to integrate on your site. It doesn't matter who you are: aspiring entrepreneurs, agencies, SEO specialists, E-commerce businesses, or UX teams. Be sure you will like to have powerful results with minimum efforts.

  • No Code

    To support A/B testing on your site you just need to integrate our tiny script (4.7 kB). Any other actions are performed by our clear interface.

  • No Cookies

    Any action of visitors on your site tracks anonymously. It means you will support GDPR (or any other individuals rights restrictions) from the box.

  • No struggle

    A lot of different A/B testing tools require at least minimum knowledge of web development. In our system, we assist you to create your first test with our clear interface.

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How It Works

To create your first A/B test you need to pass 4 quick steps

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    Add our script in your site

    You need to add our tiny script (4.7 kB) to your site to perform text modifications and send results to our system. All data is completely anonymous and secure. We don't share any information with third parties.

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    Configure your first test

    You are able to create your first A/B test now. During this process, you should fill an amount of visitors, add a new variant of headline for testing (see more on step 3), and set the goal page. This is the page where a user should be redirected if your text is efficient and it has a better conversion. Basically, it's a registration or checkout page.

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  • 3

    Set another version of text on your site

    With this step you will be faced in a new headline configuration step. During A/B test creating you will be redirected on your site to select by mouse text and fill new version in editor. Nothing will change for active users! It's necessary only for seamless experience in split test creating through our UI. 

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  • 4

    See the result and figure out which text bring you more users!

    And that is it! Now you are able to see intermediate results or wait till A/B test will be ended

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